Celebrating The Season’s Finest

While many of us mourn the passing of Summer, it’s an exciting time for the chefs at HOME.

The new season brings an abundance of local produce – plus some culinary delights from further afield.

So, how do we update our menus to reflect the tastes and flavours of Autumn?

Some of it is down to celebrating the harvest and the menu incorporates favourite ingredients from the “land”, such as the earthy flavours of beetroot, sweet and vibrant Heirloom tomatoes and local wild mushrooms.

Celeriac, courgettes, cauliflower, samphire and pomegranates are also” stars” on our vegetarian menu, allowing us to combine taste, texture and variety.

Taste is always paramount – it’s never just style and no substance! – and we offer warming dishes that offer appeal as the weather cools down.

Slow cooking brings out the flavours and textures of seasonal favourites including lamb; ox cheek and chorizo.

Fish is always a hit on the HOME menus and we’ve got some sensational delights to herald Autumn’s arrival.

A particular hit with diners is our Scallop dish. We pan-sear these little delights and serve them with smoked bacon, black pudding bonbons and carrot puree.

HOME director Tom Fligg said, “We love to showcase local ingredients at HOME to ensure that our menus are modern, seasonal and simply sensational.

“Our small plates also allow us to introduce flavours from further afield – including Tandoori Fish, Goats’ Cheese and Beetroot Arancini, Chicken Katsu and Oriental Belly Pork. It’s a real fusion of tastes and cuisines.”

Chef and co-director Gavin Marsden added: “We have a really loyal customer base at HOME and we’ve had some really great feedback about the new menu already.

“We’re also welcoming new customers every week, which is also really good to see, after the limitations created during successive lockdowns.

“One of the things I love about this place is the opportunity to experiment. We really really do create every dish with love and care.”

Finally, no menu would be complete without sweet “treats” and a sensational cheeseboard.

Main Menu – Home on Lindley