We're Delighted To Welcome You HOME

At HOME, we are raring to go again and are thrilled to be welcoming our customers - old and new - after a 15-week closure.

During the lockdown, we have used the time to expand into the neighbouring premises, creating our fabulous new Garden Lounge.  This features a living wall, beautiful plants and a relaxing vibe - allowing you to chill out and enjoy fine dining in relaxed surroundings.

You can also visit for drinks - there is no need to eat.

Your safety is also our top priority in these challenging times.  Please take the time to read our new guidelines, to ensure our reopening runs as smoothly as possible


Opening Times

The only way to guarantee a table is to book.

The largest table size seats up to four people and that’s from a maximum of two households.

We are adhering to the 2-metre social distancing rule to ensure your safety.

All diners are reminded to please finish dining within time limits.

Opening Times


TUESDAY TO FRIDAY - 12 noon to 2pm and 5pm to 9pm

SATURDAY - 12 noon to 9pm. 

SUNDAY - 12 noon to 6pm. 

MONDAY - Closed.


Meet your Host

You will be welcomed at the door by a staff member acting as your Host, who will confirm your booking and guide you to your table.

You will also be asked to apply hand sanitiser to your hands at this point.

Your host will take your order for food and drinks at your table.  They will deliver food and drink to the table and take payment there too.

Please try to enter the restaurant with the rest of your group, so we can guide you to your seats quickly and efficiently. 


Track & Trace

Government guidelines require that we keep details of our customers for 21 days to help them implement Track and Trace if anybody falls ill.

The minimum information we will need is the name and telephone number of the lead person (the person who books the table)

If you have a confirmed case of COVID 19 within 2 weeks of visiting the restaurant please inform us straight away.


Due to the fact we are operating a booking system there should be no reason to queue. However, at busy times, you may need to queue.  Please observe social distancing rules and queue down the side of the street, nearest the building, to allow others to pass safely and gain access to their cars.


We will do all we can to ensure your safety and will take the following steps for your protection:

  • Providing a safe environment for you to eat & drink
  • Disinfecting tables, equipment, menus after every use
  • Regularly disinfecting washroom facilities
  • Ensuring compliance with social distancing rules
  • Ensuring staff wash their hands frequently

In return we ask our customers to please:

  • NOT visit the restaurant, if you’re experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who is ill
  • To use hand sanitiser when requested
  • Abide by social distancing rules
  • Be respectful of others during your visit
  • Leave the washrooms as you would expect to find them


Capacity Restrictions

We will be spacing all our tables and seats to comply with social distancing rules. 

If seats are occupied, there will be a no-standing policy. 

Once at capacity, it will be one group in and one group out.

We will continue to welcome to children but please ensure they are seated throughout your meal.


Avoid congregating

Once you are seated, please only get up where necessary, such as visiting our washrooms.   

Please do not block access and avoid queuing where possible.   If our staff ask to return to your seat, please work with us.

Please visit our washrooms singly - unless you are accompanying a small child - and avoid lengthy conversations with other diners. 


Finally, please bear with us.  This is new to all of us and we will do all we can to ensure you have a pleasurable and enjoyable visit.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

We will review the situation regularly to ensure we are fully compliant with latest Government guidance.

We're Reopening!

Exciting times ahead as we refurbish in readiness for reopening! We can't wait to welcome you Home.